Luke McKimmie

Chief Operating Officer, The Solutions Group

Luke manages the global operations team for Helix’s Solutions Group made up of Embed and Booking Boss brands. He joined Leisure & Allied Industries in 1998 as a Service Manager in the Technical Department in Australia. He transitioned to Embed as an early member of the team in 2005, serving initially as Operations Manager. In the ensuing years, he’s contributed to the business in a variety of roles, including establishing the Middle East office in Dubai as its first General Manager, developing Embed’s leading support infrastructure as Director of Professional Services, and for the past several years managing Embed’s global business functions as Director of Operations.

Prior to joining LAI, Luke worked in technical manufacturing roles for eight years with the Sumich Group and the Peters & Brownes Group. He graduated from Sacred Heart College in 1986.

Luke resides in Perth, Australia, where the Helix Group is co-headquartered. He enjoys spending time with his family, the great outdoors, and planning home-improvement projects outside of work.