About Helix Leisure

Our Mission

Helix Leisure offers out-of-home entertainment operators technology-driven products and services that result in a fantastic on-site and online consumer experiences. Today’s consumers have high expectations for seamless and elegant user experiences whenever they leave their homes.

By offering location operators a full portfolio of revenue management systems, point of sales solutions, debit cards, ticketing solutions, business intelligence reporting, party booking software, redemption counter solutions, mobile apps, electronic locker systems, and amusement and arcade games, we are able to deliver a high level of satisfaction across many of a site’s consumer touch-points. Operators don’t need to take on operational complexity and risk dealing with a patchwork of individual suppliers and service providers.

By helping operators deliver on the promise of seamless and elegant user experiences for their customers, across a wide range of consumer touch-points, Helix Leisure delivers on its mission of Powering Out-of-Home Entertainment. We’ve built our reputation over the course of more than 55 years in the business as part of the Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI) group, and pair our innovative products and services with unparalleled industry know-how and a reputation for integrity with our partners.

Technology and Innovation have long been the hallmark of Helix Leisure Companies. Embed has set the standard for user interaction as the first card solution to offer ColorGlo™ card readers and numerous other product and revenue-management innovations. LAI Games created a new category of amusement machines with direct vending hits like Lighthouse, Stacker, and Color Match and the action-packed Speed of Light. CompuSafe™ the original creator of The Locker Network, offered the world the first commercial alternative to old-fashioned keyed locker banks requiring an attendant. Similarly, Booking Boss has established itself as an industry leading solution for ticketing and booking management for the attractions, tours and entertainment industries. Booking Boss has won multiple awards, including an Australian Business Award for Best Software Product.

This is why thousands of companies globally count on Helix to power their business.


We understand that just having a strong product and service is not enough, especially when it comes to business-critical systems and products. Businesses require suppliers that understand their consumers and cultures, and are available to offer them support in their own language and during their operating hours.

A key differentiator of the Helix Leisure companies is our network of six full offices situated around the world to offer on-the-ground local support to our partners:

  • North & South America:  from our office in Carrollton, Texas (near Dallas) we support the market with a fully-staffed team of sales, marketing, professional services, tech support, installation, and logistics staff.
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa: Underscoring our commitment to our customers and partners in the region we are there as the only revenue management provider with a fully-staffed local office. Based in Dubai, Helix Leisure provides sales, professional services, installation, and technical support to its large customer base in this dynamic region.
  • Asia-Pacific: In 2014, the previous LAI Games headquarters in Singapore extended its activities to become Helix Leisure’s third full APAC-based office and also our headquarters for the region. In addition to being our hub for APAC customers, the Singapore office also serves as the group’s corporate co-headquarters.
  • Australia: In one form or another, the Leisure & Allied group of companies have been operating from their Australian base in Perth since 1958. Today, in addition to R&D activities, we service customers in Australia from our Sydney office along with our co-headquarters in Perth.
  • Indonesia: Matahari Leisure provides sales and support for our customers in the Indonesian market across the LAI Games and The Locker Network portfolios. Matahari Leisure is also heavily committed to the Indonesian market as a trusted partner supplying bespoke products for the country’s largest retail, government, and education operators.


Malcolm Steinberg founded Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI) in Perth, Western Australia, in 1958. The LAI group was an early pioneer of the Family Entertainment Center concept, founding the Timezone brand of FEC’s in 1978.

Timezone continues to operate today, managed independently from Helix Leisure, as the leading FEC operator in Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and India, with over 200 locations.

Over the years, LAI expanded into other products and services, offering a cashless revenue management system which became Embed, and a full range of amusement machines, that became LAI Games. In 2013, The Locker Network began offering the best-in-class Compusafe™ electronic solutions to out-of-home-entertainment operators globally.

Recognizing the evolution of the out-of-home entertainment industry towards more complex consumer offerings, increasing demands from operators for excellence in their partners and suppliers, and a new generation of highly-empowered and connected consumers, Helix Leisure was created in 2014 through a reorganization which merged Embed, LAI Games, The Locker Network, and the Matahari Leisure joint-venture into a single operating company under the Helix banner. Helix Leisure went on to purchase Booking Boss in 2017.

Our depth of industry experience combined with a culture of innovation is what truly sets us apart.