Arcade Legend coming to Steam and Oculus Quest in 2022

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Australia/Singapore – October 20, 2021.  LAI Games has announced that their new consumer VR title, Arcade Legend, which is currently in development is set for a dual release on both Steam and the Oculus Quest Store in 2022.

Inside Arcade Legend, an arcade builder and gameplay simulator, you’ve inherited a mysterious old arcade which was once a legendary entertainment destination. Before you can open your doors for business, however, you’ll need to do some cleaning up.  Restore and customize your arcade using a wide range of materials, then fill it with officially licensed arcade games to earn revenue and build Reputation, which unlocks new attractions that you can play solo or with friends.  Casual, competitive, and always social, you can chill out with friends, go head-to-head on global leaderboards against the best players in the world, or open your doors to the public to show off what you’ve built.

“As arcade game developers, it’s our goal to deliver accessible, rewarding and unique games and experiences to players heading out for a good time with their friends and families.” says Shannon Perell, LAI’s Head of Product Development and Creative Director for Arcade Legend. “Arcades are such a special and unique social space, and we’re so excited to have the opportunity to bring an authentic arcade gaming experience to both Steam and Oculus Quest.”

LAI Games has already secured a deal with two other well-known arcade game manufacturers to bring a number of their officially licensed games into Arcade Legend. In the future, this content will come as both free and paid DLC packs, and the company has plans to bring more officially licensed products to the game over time. Players will have multiple opportunities to be part of exclusive beta testing periods before its dual launch on Steam/Oculus Quest.  Players can learn more about Arcade Legend at