Embed celebrates return to amusement expo international 2021

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DALLAS, TEXAS, June 10, 2021 – Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, is pleased to announce they will be participating in the upcoming Amusement Expo International 2021 in Las Vegas. Embed is returning not just as an exhibitor but also as a key representative of the family entertainment centre (FEC) sector, paving the road to recovery for FEC businesses as they emerge from the shadows of the pandemic. The Embed team is excited to meet new and reunite with existing customers, partners and friends at the Embed booth.

“Identifying changes in consumer behaviour and adapting one’s core business to meet evolving customer needs are crucial in a pandemic. In the last year, Embed delivered various transformative initiatives to support the industry during the pandemic that also empower, enable, and ease the business of fun for our customers. We are looking forward to returning to Amusement Expo International 2021 to celebrate our key milestones in recent months; in particular, celebrating 20-years Transforming the Business of Fun,” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Embed.

Here’s what you can expect to see:
Free Mobile Wallet: The Next-Gen of Cashless. Virtual Game Card In Your Mobile Phone.
When the pandemic hit last year, FEC owners were left reeling from the significant impact COVID-19 had on their businesses. Embed responded immediately, launching an extensive range of initiatives to support customers in their road to recovery, focusing on low-touch experiences, embracing automation, leveraging technology, and streamlining communication.

This culminated in the Embed COVID-19 Resource Centre. A key element was the Mobile Wallet, Embed’s latest award-winning innovation, which Embed gave away free to all business owners. To date, Embed is the only FEC business solutions provider to gain compliance approval from Google and Apple for its Mobile Wallet, and is the only non-banking finance -payment or loyalty card business and brand card to sit in consumers’ mobile wallets. Protected by advanced security and encrypted mobile technology, Embed’s Mobile Wallet has APIs available to link to any FEC mobile app. Without the hassle of downloading an app, the Mobile Wallet allows guests to play games and reload with their virtual card directly from their mobile phone – anytime, anywhere.

Game-Changing RFID Media Wearables
Debuting at the IAAPA 2019 show in Orlando, Embed’s collection of wearable media redefined the ‘game card’ by combining fashion, textile design with various materials and technology. With over 200 design variations covering every consumer demographic and amusement category, Embed’s RFID media wearables is the currency of family entertainment businesses that will act as a key for loyalty programs, helping FECs boost return visits and drive greater average guest spend.
“One of the most valuable features Fun Land takes advantage of is the RFID wristbands from Embed. The wristbands set us apart from the pack because no one is utilizing this technology like Fun Land. After we got the system up and running, we saw a huge uptick in people coming to the park and their ability to use the system,” said Clint Novak, General Manager, Fun Land of Fredericksburg.

Stop by the #BLING bar at Embed’s booth to experience first-hand Embed’s award-winning Mobile Wallet and versatile Wearables. Take home samples of Embed’s collectibles which you can integrate with your company’s existing Embed solution for a trial of your own.
Join in the Embed Tour at Booth #676, Amusement Expo International 2021, June 30 – July 1 in Las Vegas, or schedule an advance meeting with the Embed team.