Embed Celebrates The Courage, Strength, Grit & Determination of Every Woman

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Singapore, 08 Mar 2021 – Today (March 8) marks International Womens’ Day: a global day celebrating the social, economic and political achievements of women. But more importantly, given what the world has been through in 2020, Embed wants to celebrate the courage, strength, grit and determination of every woman, who hustled hard to not only survive the year, but thrive. Many of our friends, colleagues and partners worked from home, and multi-tasked working while helping kids with remote learning, taking care of ailing family members, aging parents, and many contracted COVID and beat it!

At Embed, we believe in the value of diversity in our talent pool. We have a shared commitment to gender parity at all levels of an organization because we believe in the boundless strength (intellectual, leadership, cultural and commercial strength) that results from harnessing and realizing the talent capital of gender equality. We take great pride in not only being gender equal, but putting an end to gender inequality in our tech sector. With a Chief Executive Leadership team made up of 50% women, led by a female CEO, we are proud to be an example of what other companies, large and small, aspire to achieve.

Despite the pandemic, Embed’s e-lights remained on and we did a series of Women@Embed videos, with a cross-section of leaders from various industries, sharing their life stories, their professional journeys, life-hacks, secrets to success, etc. These acts of professional generosity were done with the intent of illuminating anyone watching, who might benefit from the gift of their example.

Embed celebrates International Womens’ Day because if we learned anything in 2020 it is that tough times don’t last, but tough people do! Therefore, 2021 International Women’s Day Women@Embed Campaign featured women from our industry and what fuelled their resilience and strength to get through 2020.

Hear it from the women@Embed: